Transforming Businesses through Strategic IT Solutions

A more Flexible Approach

Lithe Solutions Distributor Ltd (Lithe SD) is a solutions value added distributor operating in the IOC, East Africa and Middle East regions.

Lithe Solutions Distributor specializes in providing innovative and cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses, helping them streamline their operations and achieve their strategic objectives. With an extensive partner network, Lithe Solutions Distributor has established strong collaborations with renowned vendors and channel partners.

Our core focus areas include networking solutions, cybersecurity, data management, enterprise software, and communication systems. We understand that each business has unique requirements, and we work closely with our channel partners to tailor our solutions to meet the needs of our end-customers.





100% Distribution

Our Value ADDition

we elevate your channel experience with a suite of exceptional value-added services tailored to your unique requirements.

LithePROTECT™ Partner Program

LithePROTECT™: Empowering partners. Vendor-independent deal registration, comprehensive training, lucrative incentives.

Technical Expertise

Our team boasts unmatched technical knowledge, solving complex issues and optimizing system performance effectively.

Partner Enablement

Lithe SD provides extensive training and marketing support to equip partners with the right skills to cater for their customers


Product and Market Specialist

Our experts offer in-depth insights, keeping clients ahead in rapidly evolving markets.

Presales Support

Lithe SD offers comprehensive presales assistance, ensuring partners make informed decisions maximizing on their technology solutions

An ecosystem for Efficiency

Offering a diverse ecosystem of IT solutions from industry leaders, seamlessly integrating innovation to elevate business efficiency and performance.


A new Era Of Services

Unleashing IT potential with customized solutions. Elevate your business with our value-added services that are 100% channel driven

ISO Consultancy

Navigate ISO standards seamlessly. Our consultancy guides you through certification processes, ensuring compliance and enhancing organizational efficiency with precision.


Empower your team with cutting-edge IT skills. Our tailored training programs foster proficiency, ensuring your workforce stays ahead in today's dynamic technological landscape.

Security & IT Audit

Expert audits ensure robust cybersecurity. Uncover vulnerabilities and fortify defenses with our meticulous analysis and strategic recommendations.

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify and address vulnerabilities proactively. Our assessments provide a detailed roadmap to fortify your IT infrastructure, safeguarding against potential threats effectively.

Compliance Management

Streamline compliance complexities effortlessly. Lithe SD's management solutions ensure adherence to industry standards, minimizing risks and optimizing operational resilience.


Deployment & Implementation

Seamless deployment for optimal performance. Lithe SD ensures swift, hassle-free implementation of IT solutions, maximizing efficiency and minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

Lithe Protect: Empowering partners in cybersecurity. Vendor-independent deal registration, comprehensive training, lucrative incentives. Join us for mutual success.


Joint Business Planning

Engage in joint business planning sessions to align strategies and goals. Leverage Lithe Solutions' market insights and expertise for informed decision-making.

Vendor-Independent Deal Registration

Lithe Protect guarantees vendor-independent deal registration, ensuring fairness and equal opportunities for all partners.

Dedicated Channel Support

Personalized channel support, including pre-sales assistance, technical support, and marketing collaboration.